Border Collie

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Border Collie

Border Collie Dog Supplies for every day and special occassions!

Border Collie is very predisposed to the training and the wisest dog breed. Collie are incredibly bright, but also very cunning. Border Collie is very active and agile dog that has strong instincts and always watches over the family members. If you choose this breed of dog, be ready for the active lifestyle! Border Collie is fun-loving and playful. This breed can be all day in motion: playing with the owner, walking with him or her or playing with other animals.

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Border Collie is born for movement! In our dog shop you can find many useful products for Border Collie: muzzles, leashes, harnesses, collars. If you take your dog on vacation, you definitely need a muzzle, so our specialists will recommend the matching leather muzzle or wire muzzle for Border Collie. For dog training, we also have something suitable: Dog harness made of nylon or leather. You can use leather harness or nylon harness for other purposes: walking, running, tracking, dog sports. Find on our website many beautiful collars for dog shows and every day! We are waiting for you and will definitely find something suitable for your dog!