How to teach a dog a command

Commands for dogs

The usual commands we give the dog are considered as standard commands "Heel", "Sit", "Come", "Stay", "Down" etc. In the process of training one never should use corporal punishment or rough yelling. This will lead to mental disorders, will not bring desired results and make the serious problem hereafter.

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The second rule: one should train the dogs standard commands be as soon as the puppy appeared in the house. At the age of about 2 months, the puppy may well learn "place" comman, "come" and "Leave it" and already since 4 month "Down", "Sit". After six months, when it can walk outside, it will not be difficult to teach your dog the command "Heel". The very first command and the most important one is "Come".

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The essence of training is to establish the conditional reflexes to certain sounds and the dog will react accordingly to them. During the dog training you should have many treats for dog and also the necessary items such as Clicker. Clicker will help you with dog exercising. You should immediately determine the place for dog in the house and the puppy should allow you to come near his or her bowl during the meal. Tell the commands patiently and show the dog what you want to get. Then wait until the dog fulfills the command correctly and give the four-legged friends a treat.

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Good Luck with dog training!

Sharp pulling the leash is not permitted, because this action can provokes the dog's stress and aggression. You should train the four-legged friends to command "Come" with multiple but short exercises. Neither dog nor its owner to be tired from training. If the four-legged friend is small, use the clicker during dog training. One makes the sound of the device once so as not to tire the dog. Follow the pattern "Command-Click-Treat". The voice of dog owner for the command should not be sharp, loud or rough. However, the command is to be said firmly. Give the treat with tiny portions. One should also give the reward only for action after the command. Many dogs understand the process quickly and begin to sit and do other tricks constantly because they want to get the treat. Do not give him or her the food in this case. One should go during the dog training from simple to complex actions. Of course the dog will not lie or sit immediately after the first training. You can give your pet the reward even for attempt to sit or lie and in this way the reflex will produce slowly. The dog will begin to understand what the owner wants.

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