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Harness Nylon for Sport Dogs | Sport Harness Reflective

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Reflective Sport Dog Harness with ID Patches

Harness of extra strong nylon with ID patches does very good for dog sport. First-class materials, reliable fittings and comfortable design - these are advantages of this nylon harness. Due to above D-ring and handle the dog can be reliably controlled. Sides D-rings make the sport dog harness suitable even for weight-pulling.

sport harness with reflective band

Durable Sport Harness with ID Patches

Features of the dog harness:

  • nylon of high stability
  • adjustable wide straps
  • comfortable and health-friendly design
  • reliable fittings of maximum robustness
  • safe control by dog owner due to above handle
  • fast unlimited area of use
  • comfortable and healthy design
  • ID patches
  • reflective band
  • light weight

Use areas for the sport dog harness:

  • dog training
  • travel and walking with dog
  • tracking & mantrailing
  • rescue service
  • dog sport
  • Schutzhund
  • weightpulling
  • dog service
  • agitation work
  • protection service

Available sizes:

  • Extra Extra Small
  • Extra Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

Available colours for the dog training harness:

  • black

The dog should be measured in 1 position for such sport dogs harness: 1) Around the chest, behind the fore-legs.

Extra Extra Small:

  • Around the chest, behind the forelegs:43-53 cm

Extra Small:

  • Around the chest, behind the forelegs:53-67 cm


  • Around the chest, behind the forelegs:62-81 cm


  • Around the chest, behind the forelegs:70-87 cm


  • Around the chest, behind the forelegs:84-115 cm
reflective dog harness

Adjustable Harness with Reflective Band for Sport Dogs

We have carefully developed this dog harness in order to give your pet the best possible comfort and to give you possibility to control the animal without difficulties. The nylon harness endure water contacts.

See how our nylon dog harness looks on dogs!
Picture of our customers

Doberman K9 dog harness

Doberman Pinscher with Our ID Harness

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Doberman Dog Harness for IPO

Doberman Dog Harness Nylon for Schutzhund

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Doberman Harness Reflective Strong for Schutzhund Training

Doberman Harness Reflective for Effective Schutzhund Training

Bull Terrier harness with patches

The dog trainer can control the Bull Terrier due to handle.

Husky sport harness of nylon reflective

Husky with Reflective Training Harness

harness nylon for swiss mountain dog

Swiss Mountain Dog with Reliable Sport Harness

Shar-Pei walking harness nylon

Shar-Pei with Comfortable Walking Harness

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Boxer dog harness reflective

Our reflective dog harness fits great the Boxer.


Perfect dog harness with padded chest plate can be bought here.

Padded sport harness of leather can be purchased here.

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